Innovation management requires you to consider different aspects when it comes to successfully designing and executing innovation cycles. Our Use Case playbooks can help you to the most important yet critical areas

Stakeholder Integration

The Use Case Stakeholder Integration shows how to integrate external stakeholders in innovation processes and particularly in business model innovations. Build on customers, partners, startups or external experts to speed up innovation cycles and innovate your business model.

Change Management

Efficient implementation of innovations through holistic change management

Knowledge Management

The Use Case Knowledge Management illustrates a socio-technical Knowledge Management framework that supports organizations in handling the diversity, dynamics and distribution of knowledge: (1) application-oriented formalization of knowledge for both, people and computer machines; (2) transactive memory systems (TMS) foster the identification and usage of knowledge among different individuals; (3) Institutional reflexivity for reflecting and stabilizing changing requirements and practices for organizational Knowledge Management.

Inconsistency Management

In order to achieve a positive outcome of the systems development, it is crucial to manage interdisciplinary inconsistencies.